In Canada, the use of Cannabis for medical purposes was legalized after a very long time although several regulations are controlling the use of cannabis. Access to Cannabis for medical purposes regulations (ACMPR) is one of the policies that are put in place to control the legal cannabis home growing. However for an individual to get a permit to grow weed pot Canada or medical marijuana at home, he or she must get authorization from a health practitioner which indicates the amount of cannabis he should have at home. Additionally, you must apply and receive a health Canada registration certification before you start producing the plant.

If you successfully get the Canada personal cultivation registration certificate, you must operate within its regulations. For instance, you should not surpass the maximum plant limit, storage limit and maximum possession limit. Remember that the license is yours only and you cannot share the plant that you grow with someone else who is not licensed. Cannabis is a drug, and if used excessively, it might lead to other detrimental effects and for this reason; ACMPR provides rules for safety and security of those given permission to produce the plant.

Whoever has a permit to produce cannabis has a duty to make sure that all cannabis products in his possession are safe and no one can access them. You must also ensure that the outdoor production site is away from public institutions such as schools or hospitals. The production should not be in an open place, and it is recommendable that you put high fence so that no one can have a sight of the plants. Additionally, you must put in place high-security control to restrict access of people to the area. You should keep your medical marijuana in secure places where children cannot find them and accidentally ingest them. Have secure locks to the doors of rooms where you store cannabis or security locks to your cabinet or closet.

You need to make certain considerations when growing cannabis so as to ensure that it is healthy for use. If you are considering the use of pesticides, then you must make a proper consultation to identify the pesticide to use because some of them could be poisonous if you ingest them when consuming marijuana. If you happen to produce excess marijuana more than the limit, you must take steps to destroy it so that you remain compliant with the law. Destroying the excess marijuana allows for the safety of children and other individuals who are not authorized by law to use it.

Visit http://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Medical-Marijuana for more information.


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